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21 June, 2019 /

Four of the best teacher thank you gifts… and not a mug in sight.

Teacher gift idea

The end of the summer term is going to be an emotional one for me, as my daughter bids a fond farewell to her amazing junior school and heads into the big wide world of senior school.

She has had a fantastic start to her education in an environment that values all the things I hold dear – creativity, diversity, nurture and opportunity. We’ve had some ups and downs, of course: Playground politics, friendship struggles, a weekly battle with homework (none of that is going to change when she hits Year 7!), but the consistent support of her teachers, classroom assistants and the office staff has smoothed those waters and helped shape her into a confident young lady with the world at her feet.

If your child is at a maintained school, you’ll no doubt be aware of the immense pressure on education funding, resulting in high teacher workloads and increased stress; but even in the private sector, teaching is a job that extends far beyond the confines of the classroom. How on earth do we thank these incredible human beings for the impact they have on our children’s lives?

As a school governor I’m often in the staff room, usually to grab a cup of tea. The cupboard above the sink must mirror every staff room cupboard in the land – and it is stuffed full of ‘World’s Best Teacher’ mugs. I know from experience that it’s really hard to think of original presents for someone you don’t know very well, but I urge you this year to think outside the mug. Here are four ideas for teacher gifts that are guaranteed to brighten up the last day of term:

Trendy succulents: Good for the guys or younger, hipster teachers. We have plenty of different varieties available in store and our florists will be happy to create a planter or terrarium to fit your budget. Single succulents are a nice gesture for support staff – just add a box of chocolates and/or a bottle of fizz. Succulents are not available online – please visit our shops.

A classic, hand-tied bouquet: With colour, scent and loads of impact, this is bound to raise a big smile. Ours are guaranteed to stay fresh for 7 days, kicking off a relaxing summer in fabulous, floral style. Shop seasonal bouquets.

Jam jar posy: This one is perfect for little hands. If you’d like your child to personalise their own jam jar ahead of the end of term, just bring it into one of our shops and we’ll fill it for you. Shop jam jar posies.

Orchid planter: For a gift that lasts a bit longer, you can’t beat an elegant phalaenopsis orchid. Ours are planted in store and finished with moss; and there are a couple of different sizes to choose from, depending on how much you’d like to spend. Shop orchids.

Enjoy the last few weeks of calm before the summer holidays arrive – and to anyone whose child is moving on to big school, we can do this!

Jamie x

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