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05 April, 2018 /

The most glorious of gifts


It has been a productive and successful few weeks in our corner of South West London, with Gardenia’s customers proving yet again that flowers are never out of fashion when it comes to choosing a gift for someone special.

Once upon a time, a major London department store thought they knew better and launched a marketing campaign to encourage their customers to forego flowers and choose “more than the obvious” as a Mother’s Day gift.

Not surprisingly, the UK floristry community was a little put out, as editor of the Florist Trade Magazine, Caroline Marshall-Foster explained on Facebook at the time:

“How sad that [they] felt it appropriate to be disparaging about flowers and in such an unsubtle way… The fact is that flower sales prove they are still the number 1 way to tell a mother she is special.”

The thing about florists is that not only are we passionate about our trade, we also know our customers.

Of course there are those who would prefer a handbag to a bouquet, but a great many people are thrilled to receive flowers as a gift – particularly when they come from a ‘proper’ florist rather than the supermarket.

Flowers still feel like a luxurious treat, and who doesn’t love one of those?

The concept of ‘everyday luxury’ is what drove us to create our Bloomsbox flower box scheme. We wanted to offer customers an easy way to enjoy the luxury of flowers, with a regular delivery to the doorstep as often as they pleased.

Bloomsbox members get the pick of the seasonal bunch, selected in store by a Gardenia florist, packed carefully in a sturdy, protective box and hand-delivered to the door or a designated safe place.

They also get more ‘luxury’ for their money, because we can plan ahead and secure a better deal at the flower markets.

All this makes a Bloomsbox subscription the ultimate gift for a flower-lover any day of the year. Find out more and sign up at


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