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06 June, 2019 /

Red Peony bunch

It’s no secret that we love peonies at Gardenia. As May rolls around, these blousy, petal-dense balls start to appear at the Dutch flower markets and we all get a little bit overexcited.

Peony season lasts just a few short weeks between May and June… and therein lies the magic. If you’re lucky enough to have well-established peony plants in your garden you can expect flowers later into the summer – but it’s almost impossible to get hold of the cut stems beyond early July (sorry, summer brides!).


So how do you make the most of these ice cream-coloured blooms whilst they last? Here are three ideas for displaying them at home, tried and tested by Gardenia’s florists and customers this peony season:

1. Keep it simple

Peonies are a wonder of nature: tight little buds that open and change over time to reveal hundreds of tiny, feathery petals or a bright, golden centre. They need very little more than a simple vase or jug – something that won’t detract from the extraordinary unfurling of each flower head.

If simplicity is what you’re looking for, our Haslemere hand-tie is pure peony perfection – a mix of pink and white varieties and absolutely nothing else.

2. Choose strong colours for impact

Varieties in jewel-like shades of hot pink, deep magenta and sunset coral are the drama queens of the peony world.

In ornate arrangements, they remind me of 17th Century Dutch Master paintings – almost super-natural in their depth of colour and botanical intricacy. On your kitchen table they’ll create an eye-catching talking point and give a nod to the summer heat that is (fingers crossed!) just around the corner.

The Havana hand-tie is Gardenia’s take on this year’s favourite, the coral peony. If summer can’t come fast enough, this one is for you.

3. Get more power from your petals

Because they’re so striking, a few peony stems can be just as good as a hefty bunch.

We’ve all seen those Instagram shots of growers hoisting a huge peony bundle over their shoulder – and wow, what a job that must be! – but small can be equally as beautiful. We’re big fans of upcycling your trash into treasure, so rescue that gin bottle from your green box, pop it in the dishwasher and then use it to display a couple.

Loose peonies in a myriad of colours are available in all our shops now. Find your local Gardenia store here.

It won’t be long until peony season comes to an end again. We’ll be sad/not sad. The great thing about being a florist is that there is ALWAYS something wonderful that’s just about to come into season. High summer means chrysanthemums, delphiniums and sunflowers are on their way… and there’s nothing sad about that.

Jamie x

P.S. Your peonies will last for up to five days if you care for them properly. Read our Flower Care Guide for tips on keeping yours blooming lovely.

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