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24 July, 2018 /

Trash & Treasure

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The little Grants are going through a ‘junk modelling’ phase. This means that Mrs. G. and I have had to become very adept at hiding the recycling, for fear that it revisits us in the form of a spaceship/Barbie house/robot.

I’m all for reducing, re-using and recycling, but there are other (prettier) ways to do it – particularly when you bring fresh flowers into the equation.

Here are some of our favourite ideas for turning your trash into treasure:

Tin cans

Once you have soaked the labels off and cleaned the inside, give them a lick of paint (acrylic works best).

If you plan to plant herbs, succulents or wildflowers in your cans, remember to drill holes in the bottom for drainage before filling them with good quality compost.

Alternatively, a line of flower-filled cans on a long table works perfectly for a big family barbecue or buffet.

Jars and milk bottles

If you get your milk in glass bottles from the milkman, then it’s a simple case of washing them and filling them with seasonal blooms.

Choose flowers with slim stems, like gypsophila, daisies and waxflowers; or opt for single stems of roses, dahlias and hydrangea.

Wider-necked jars can accommodate a larger arrangement, but don’t forget that sticking to one variety can have just as much impact as something more complicated.


No need to throw away chipped teacups – they are great for showing off a few carefully selected blooms.

Gather a selection of mismatched cups, saucers, milk jugs and teapots, and then choose large-headed peonies, roses or ranunculas to put in them. The finished effect creates a fun splash of colour on the tea table and is a good way to brighten up a dark corner of the sitting room.

We’d love to see your trash and treasure creations, so share your photos on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #Gardeniatrashandtreasure.

Happy recycling!


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