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28 June, 2019 /

Vote for Gardenia in #wimbledonvillagewindows2019

Gardenia Wimbldon Window

Despite the cool, damp start to Summer 2019, the Gardenia team is feeling the heat.

On 1st July, the gates will open at the All England Lawn Tennis Club – just a stone’s throw from our shop in Wimbledon Village – to welcome tennis fans from all over the world to our little corner of South West London.

We’re busy preparing for an influx of visitors and making sure we’re fully-stocked with the essential ingredients of our tennis-themed hand-tiesMurray, Centre Court and Love Fifteen – but there’s something else on our minds too…

Every year, for as long as I can remember, shops in the Village have risen to the occasion with tennis-themed window displays. There’s a competition for the best one and tensions run high. In 2018, those young upstarts, Giggling Squid, won first prize with their (admittedly, very pretty) willow tennis racquets.

In past years, we’ve used every tennis-related prop imaginable. We’ve built vertical, flower-wall tennis courts. We’ve written ‘GO ANDY!’ in chrysanthemums (and then swiftly altered it to ‘OH ANDY!’ as he crashed out early). We’ve decked out the entire shop in purple and green. We’ve used all our creative, flower power… and we’ve never won.

It’s an outrage.

This year though. This year is going to be different. 2019 is our year. We’re going to lift that metaphorical trophy and show the Village how it’s done. How? With a little help from some floral friends, that’s how.

Say hello to Pete Pampas, Andre Agave, Venus Flytrap Williams and John McAloe.

Born from the collective creative genius of our in-house florists, these guys are set to take Wimbledon Village Tennis Windows by storm. Come and watch their high-energy doubles match live from the pavement outside our shop throughout the first two weeks of July, as the Wimbledon Championships get underway down the road. The price of a ticket is a mere ‘Like’ on Facebook.

We’d love our fabulous, creative, talented florists to be recognised for all their efforts this year, so please vote for our window. You can find photos of all the windows on Wimbledon Village Events’ Facebook page – simply click through the album and click ‘Like’ when you see ours.

Thanks in advance for your support!

Jamie x

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