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20 September, 2019 /

What’s All The Fuss About Pampas Grass?

Pampas grass

In case you hadn’t noticed, pampas grass is a big trend for 2019. We’re seeing it everywhere at the moment – in fashion shoots, on the pages of interiors magazines and especially at weddings.

So what has provoked this sudden obsession with the fluffy, feathery stuff? Here’s Gardenia’s lowdown on all things grassy:

What is pampas grass?

Native to South America, pampas grass is an outdoor plant with tall, flowering plumes that have a silky, feathery look. The stems can grow up to three metres tall - creating a striking, architectural look that feels soft and whimsical at the same time.

Whilst you’ll commonly see pampas grass in a dusty beige colour, it is possible to get hold of varieties with different coloured plumes such as pale pink and bronze; as well as dyed pampas grass in every shade of the rainbow. Pictures from This is Us star Mandy Moore’s wedding last year show her making her way down an aisle of pink and cream pampas plumes to match her divine pink wedding dress. Totally dreamy.

One of the best things about pampas grass is that it lasts for years. You won’t need to replace it regularly as you do fresh, cut flowers – so it’s an economical way to stay on trend at home; and useful if your wedding flowers budget is stretched.

How can I use pampas grass at home?

Pampas grass works in any room – from living spaces, to bedrooms, to bathrooms. The cut stems make a bold statement on their own and need very little further embellishment.

Your best bet is to keep things simple with a few stems grouped together in a tall, statement vase - recycled green glass, ceramics and copper work really well here. Its neutral tones are perfect for pairing with natural textures like wool, straw, leather and wood; and as autumn draws in, the plumes are easy to tie into a circular door wreath to celebrate Harvest Festival or Thanksgiving.

How can I incorporate pampas grass into my wedding flowers?

Pampas grass works really well for wedding flowers. Its feathery fronds are incredibly romantic and almost ethereal – ideal for a woodland setting or a boho look. The neutral colour sets off this year’s dusky, peachy pink tones perfectly and provides plenty of contrast with grey-green eucalyptus and darker, tropical leaves and ferns.

You’ll get lots of pampas grass for your money so it’s a great choice for couples that don’t have a huge budget for their wedding flowers but still want to make a bold, floral statement. We can weave small, delicate pieces into a bridal bouquet and buttonholes; place stems into a mix of containers to decorate your venue or create an aisle; design a striking table scape with a pampas grass runner; or go big with suspended ceiling installations, photo backdrops and floral arches.

You won’t even have to throw it away at the end of the reception, so it’s a sustainable choice too. Make sure you take home a few stems to remind you of your special day, and give some to important guests as a ‘thank you’ for their support.

Feeling inspired? Pinterest is full of pampas grass wedding and interiors ideas. The cut stems are usually in stock in our shops; or you can call us to place an order for delivery.

For further information on wedding flowers by Gardenia, please visit our website and book a consultation with one of our expert wedding florists.

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